The End Of Publishing As We Know It?

As Bookninja quite rightly points out, this is truly the sign of end times.

For all you aspiring and struggling writers out there, it seems the next movement in literature is to be the daughter of a rich D.C. politician.

"First there was chick lit. Then there was political-makeover lit. And now we have their spawn: D.C.-daughter lit. Or, as Mark Halperin, a political analyst for ABC News, prefers, 'A Book of One’s Own.'

On March 6, HarperCollins Children’s Books said that Jenna Bush, one half of a pair of twins better known for partying than publishing, would write 'Ana’s Story: A Journey of Hope,' a book that chronicles the real-life saga of a 17-year-old single mother living with H.I.V. in Panama.

Long after presidential aspirants began using books to buff their images, political daughters are jumping into the literary makeover business in increasing numbers.

Happy luncheon!

— Mark N

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