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As I was trawling the web over the weekend, I uncovered this little gem. In addition to classic episodes of Hancock's Half-Hour and Abbott & Costello there's also enough Flash Gordon, Space Patrol and Hall of Fantasy to sate even the most ardent genrehead. It's great to see material like this being preserved and shared on t'interweb and a stark reminder of just how far SF and Fantasy have moved on in the last half-century or so.

Sadly, they're only available as .ram RealPlayer files which means, a: I can't listen to them on my MP3 player, and b: I can't listen to them from behind a firewall on my Mac in the office.

Roll on the weekend when I can start listening to all 39 episodes of I Was A Communist For The FBI. Ah, simpler times...


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marco said...

There are more classic old radio shos, some with MP3s for our Christian to be found at this site dedicated to the Mercury Theatre on the Air, the people behind the Orson Welles War of the Worlds. Some other great genre stuff is available, including a great Dracula, but I'm booking a spare hour or two soon to take in that insane double-bill of Heart of Darkness and Life with Father - uh?