Dante's Girl Gets Glowing Review

SFRevu gives a glowing review of Natasha Rhodes's Dante's Girl. Here's a few of the very nice things said in the review:

"...it’s soon apparent the story and the writing go well beyond merely ticking the boxes of currently popular formula..."


"...Natasha Rhodes’ writing brings a freshness to the idea..."


"Even the minor characters are brought to life with vivid writing that similarly keeps the pace moving swiftly along... Natasha Rhodes proves very deft with the smoke and mirrors."

So there you have it. A cracking review of a cracking book.

— Mark N

(Image © Papa Vic Photography)


Jeffrey Thomas said...

Gorgeous. Oh, um, meant to say that about the cover art for BITTERWOOD, next blog entry.

(Heh heh...sly old dog.)

Mark Newton said...

Still got it, Jeff... still got it...!

Papa Vic said...

Thank you for the photo attribution!