The Stars Are Out For Deadstock

Well one is at least, but you only need one of these. Publishers Weekly gives Deadstock a starred review.

To save you a click: "For a wild ride, readers will be hard-pressed to find a better vehicle than Thomas's bizarre multiverse; fans of cyberpunk noir and Lovecraftian horror will find much to enjoy in this messy, bravura hybrid."

Jeffrey Thomas (pictured right) is a happy man, and so he should be, what with The Guardian praise too.

I saw stacks of Deadstocks and Dante's Girls on the table at the local Waterstone's with big bright "£2 Off" stickers on them. They're out now! Get 'em while they're hot!

— Mark N


Anonymous said...

hang on, its in waterstones now? how come the page on the solaris site says its out in march with a preorder now link?

marco said...

Cos Waterstone's stuck it out early, Staurday morning in fact, bless their little cotton socks. I think they are keen - next month Deadstock will also be their SF book of the month, promoted in all stores across the UK.

Meanwhile, we started sending out pre-orders of Deadstock and Dante on the Thursday last week, so -- postal service willing -- some customers would still have had it first in the world.

David Barnett said...

Waterstone's in Bradford has plenty of Deadstock and antho out on the shelves. No two quid off, though.

Mark Newton said...

They're quite possibly waiting until the end of the month, when it becomes Book of the Month... If not, we'll send the boys round.