Splinter, by Adam Roberts

We wanted to share this superb cover for Adam Roberts's new title, Splinter. Not only is it an incredible book, but the cover is amazing. This piece of art that is coming to a bookstore near you soon, brought to you by Mr Hinks in our design dept, and spurred on by a flash of Dunny's post-lunch genius. We've had much praise about our covers. Not sure how we're going to better this.

—Mark N


Jeffrey said...

That is GORGEOUS!!! I love it. So classy. Looks like real leather and gold foil. Bravo to thoe involved!

Anonymous said...

As another of Adam's publishers all I can say is: Congratulations! That is one lovely cover.

Mark Newton said...

Cheers, Simon. It seems everyone we show it to (and we can't show it off enough) is deeply impressed; and I think it's a wonderful reflection of the book, too.

—Mark N

Lou Anders said...

As another of Adam's publishers, I concur!