Waterstones top SF and F of 2006. And Nova Swing.

Michael Rowley, SF and Fantasy buyer (and imports dude) gives us a rundown of the great and good of the genre this year.

George and I were lucky enough to be at Worldcon this year with Michael—a very good man indeed. A lot to say about the state of the genre. He's brought a lot of US imports into UK stores, and is always keen to push range.

But BEHOLD! the picture of M John Harrison's Nova Swing. I was lucky enought to lay my paws on a proof copy of this stunning book. If you have any care for the literary end of SF, this is what you should be asking Father Christmas for. Nova Swing has a wonderful retro feel to it, as well as characters that I wish I could write. Or meet. Or women I could sleep with. I could ramble on here about how good it is, but you already know that this man can write, don't you?

—Mark N

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