Lou Anders's looks at his progress on 'The 50 Most Significant SF&F Books' list.

And by 'most significant', I mean it's a heavily US-weighted popularity contest.

Lou Anders checks off his progress on the 'most significant' SF and F books of all time, published between 1953-2002, according to the Science Fiction Book Club. Where are your China MiƩville fantasies? Where are your Viriconiums? Where are your Iain Banks novels?

Some good stuff on there, though. But that's the thing with these lists, isn't it? We love to argue about it all.

—Mark N


Lou Anders said...

Let's point out that Lou Anders didn't make the list so I don't get blamed in anyone's mind for being American-centric. That would be a first, though.

The Solaris Team said...

Hey Lou,

You weren't being blamed! It's another one of those there US booklists that have little regard for much published outside the US. And of course, I expect UK lists would be keeping the British end up.