We do loves them pirates, yarg!

Well damn us sideways for scurvy curs and blast our collective barnacles. We fouled that one up and no mistake, me hearties. Surely, surely, we could have press-released signing that lubber Chris Roberson and his epic drama of horror on the high seas, Set the Seas on Fire, on the actual Talk Like a Pirate Day (Sept 19th)? Damn and blast ye!

What's that ye say? Said book's more like that there "Master & Commander" with added zombies, and not really all that much about your classic pirates? Arrghh! -- marco


The Solaris Team said...

Why are Pirates called pirates?

Because they arrrrrrrrrrrr!


The Solaris Team said...
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The Solaris Team said...

And remember, kids, that joke plus another 469 ribticklers, is yours for the reading at http://www.piratejokes.net. -- marco

David Barnett said...

Is the Chris Roberson book in arrrrrdback?