ThunderCats Rock!

I’ve recently discovered a new band who I’ve been listening to on-and-off for the last week. They’re called Mumm-Ra and I should imagine anyone discerning would immediately recognise the reference to ThunderCats, the fabulous (!) cult cartoon from the 1980s. Hey, even if you don’t like their music, you’ve got to give them points for that.

- George

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James Maxey said...

It's funny you should mention Thundercats. At Dragon*con two weekends ago, there was a girl in a cheetah costume. At first, I thought she was dressed as the WonderWoman villianess Cheetah, but then realized that she could be emulating the Catgirl costume from The Dark Knight Strikes Back. Finally, after further study, I decided she was actually probably dressed as Cheetara from the Thundercats. I was tempted to go up and ask her if I was right, but I saw her at a reading and I couldn't ask while the reading was going on, and I had to leave the reading early to make a panel I wanted to attend. Ordinarily, finding a woman dressed as a Cheetah later would be no big deal, but Dragoncon has thousands of costumed girls in attendance, and I didn't spot her again (no cheetah pun intended).

In the aftermath, I figured it was just as well that I didn't try to make small talk with a woman by revealing I could think of at least three different cheetah-based fictional females. Even at a SF con, there are moments of geekiness that just cross a line.