Solaris is Go!

On occasions such as this, the launch of a new SF blog, we suspect it's customary to make references to launchpads, say something like "Ready for blast off!" or "Let's roll!". You'll have to take that as read, friends, we ain't got time. The Solaris website and blog are ready to go live, season one is in the can and the digital proofs are stacked high in the office. Hell, we're even wearing matching Solaris t-shirts. How did that happen?

So anyway, this was meant to be a short post to introduce the gang, so we can let them all loose on you. Count 'em off...

Christian Dunn, Solaris Commissioning Editor, aka Dunny. Looking stressed due to imminent arrival of first child any day -- scrub that, any minute now.
Mark Newton, Solaris Assistant Editor, aka Newty. Budding author and intellectual, Solaris team member most likely to be wearing a smoking jacket and banging on about Hemingway.
George Mann, Consultant Editor, aka G. Knows more about SF and fantasy books than the rest of us put together.
Marc Gascoigne, Publisher, aka Marco. Publishing veteran and part-time rentagob; don't get him started.

That's us. Howdy. Erm, let's... roll. -- Marco

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